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"Your Guatemala Coffee video is very interesting. The story line about getting to know the people that make the coffee/product is really a good message. In times where there is so much big business and not knowing where products come from, it does help in promoting more social responsbility. The quality of the video is excellent." KB in Georgia | More comments here...

Video || "Beauty in Every Cup" Video Series



Basic Steps to Brewing Great Coffee
How to Keep your Coffee Fresh
How Much Coffee Should I Use?
Caffeine Content
Decaf for Dummies
KABUM Coffee
Wholesale Division
Improving Your Taste | A Coffee Poem
How We Perceive Flavor III | Smell
How We Perceive Flavor II | Taste
How We Perceive Flavor I | The Science of Tasting
Uses of Coffee Grounds
Coffee Legends and Myths

Rwanda, Buliza Select | 12oz | Coffee

$13.95 per 12oz package

Medium roast
(Buy 7-12oz units=5+ lbs. coffee or more and get a 10% discount)

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Black Butte Gold | 12oz | Coffee
Product | Coffee | 12oz | Black Butte Gold
Average rating:

$12.95 per 12oz package
Dark Roast

A dark roasted house blend with a deep, full body and rich flavor. This is our signature blend customers ask for by name and continues to lend a robust taste to Sisters Coffee.
(Buy 7-12oz units=5+ lbs. coffee or more and get a 10% discount.)



Coffee Club | Benefits & Savings

See all the great features and savings of our Coffee Club.

Coffee Gift Cards & Certificates
For Online or Instore Purchase of Coffee & Merchandise

Product | Misc | Gift Card
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Coffee Gift Cards & Certificates
  (Starting at $20 for online use, with no shipping costs) A SISTERS COFFEE CARD is great for your own use OR as a gift for family, friends, co-workers, and clients for any occasion! You can purchase a gift card for online use OR for in-store use. All SISTERS COFFEE gift cards are shipped to recipients in a nice gift card envelope. Choose the gift card amount you would like, and select either online use or in-store use. If you want to purchase more than one gift card at a time, list the recipients' addresses and your message in the COMMENT section during checkout (or re-order separately for each recipient). *Cards for online use do not accumulate points at this time. For late Christmas or date sensitive gifts such as for birthdays or graduations, a suggestion is that you forward your email confirmation to our recipient with a salutation, and then the formal postal mailed version can arrive in follow-up to your email.



Blog | Coffee Research Trip to Brazil

On my trip to Brazil with the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA), they partnered with the Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA), who was gracious enough to arrange for our group to visit organizations who are dedicated to researching the science behind coffee. We visited a university where professors talked to us about the importance of nitrogen in soil, rainfall, and elevation. We met with the farmers who showed us what they look for in the land when choosing where to plant. (Read on...)

Metolius | 12oz | Coffee
Product | Coffee | 12oz | Metolius
Average rating:

$11.95 per 12oz package
Medium Roast

We have combined Latin American coffees and a French Roast to craft a tasty blend. It will refresh your palette, just like the pristine water of the Metolius River. (Buy 7-12oz units=5+ lbs. coffee or more and get a 10% discount.)


Dark Roasts | Coffee Samples
Product | Coffee | Samples | Dark Roasts
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Coffee Sample Packs
Six bags of coffee:
  • Black Butte Gold
  • French Roast
  • Sisters Blend
  • Sumatra
  • Metolius Blend
  • Espresso


Medium Roasts | Sample Pack
Product | Coffee | Samples | Medium Roasts
Average rating:

Coffee Sample Packs
Six bags of coffee:
  • Guatemala Finca Villaure
  • High Desert Sunrise
  • Holy Smoke
  • Espresso
  • Metolius
  • Kabum


Popular Pack | Coffee Samples
Product | Coffee | Samples | Popular Pack | Best Sellers
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Coffee Sample Packs
Six bags of coffee:
Black Butte Gold - Bold
Black Butte Gold Decaf - No caffeine
Holy Smoke - Smooth
French - Smokey
Guatemala Finca Villaure



Facebook | Join The Conversation

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Classic Campfire Mug | Dark Blue

Classic-campfire-mugs-coffee-dark-blue-150x150.jpg Our signature ceramic mug is known for its heavy feel and durability. Cup outside size 4-1/8"W x 3-5/8"H.

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Red Stainless Steel Hourglass Mug | Coffee Mugs
Product | Mugs | Stainless Steel Hourglass Mug RED
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  • Sleek hourglass shape is comfortable to hold.
  • Double stainless steel inside and out.
  • Spill resistant, twist open lid
  • 15 oz. 3"w x 8 1/4"h with lid



In-Store Rewards Program

In-store purchase reward program: To receive your special gift and become a Sisters Coffee Family Rewards Member, simply complete the activation form here. This program for retail-store only.

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