Sumatra Aceh Pantan Musara

Sumatra Aceh Pantan Musara


Innovation and zeal drive Pantan Musara community that produces this coffee. Both are evident in this fully washed offering from Sumatra.

Dark Chocolate, Dried Fig, Nutmeg.

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The Aceh region in the north western corner is renowned for it’s coffee. This coffee from the Pegasing district of Takengon breaks from normal Sumatra traditions, however it will not fail to impress. Sumatra employes a method of processing called wet hulling that often times damages coffee, this lot however is fully washed and dried on raised beds. After the farmers were dislocated from their homes by a natural disaster they returned and rebuilt their life with a renewed focus on coffee. Their mill now produces natural coffee as well as their fully washed coffees. The mill processes coffee for multiple farmers from the Pantan Musara villages. Being fully washed as opposed to wet hulled this coffee breaks from the traditional Sumatran flavor profile. We get notes of fig, nutmeg, stone fruit, chocolate, and brown sugar.