Papua New Guinea Kunjin

Papua New Guinea Kunjin


Grown in small coffee gardens, Kunjin, is the culmination of a host of small farmers great attention to detail and the jungle climate.

Walnut, Molasses, Cocoa Powder.

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Papua New Guinea is dominated by jungle, with over half of the country being covered in jungle foliage. The jungle climate of the Eastern Highlands is fantastic for growing coffee and promotes development in young coffee trees. Kunjin, sourced from Cafe Imports out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is from the Waghi Valley, centrally located in the Eastern Highlands.

This will be our third year in a row working with a coffee from the Waghi Valley, and our first featuring the Kunjin. Traditionally coffee from Papua New Guinea was from large estates established by colonizers from the west, however large plantations currently account for less than half of the country’s production. Small farmholders now dominate production, tending to the coffee trees in their “gardens”. The small farmholders manage anywhere from a handful of trees to a few hundred. Kunjin is sourced from farmers surrounding the Kindeng mill in the Kunjin area. Farmers deliver coffee cherries to the mill who process and separate day lots searching for the best coffees for export.