Guatemala Finca Villaure - Primos Unidos

Guatemala Finca Villaure - Primos Unidos

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Location: Pena Roja, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

Farm: Punta del Cerro

Varieties: Bourbon & Caturra

Elevation: 1530 MASL

Processing: Fully washed and dried on patios

Harvest schedule: January-April

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This coffee is the product of hard work, innovation, and change. As Aurelio Villatoro hands more of the family business over to his sons Jener, Rodin and their cousin Denis, they have officially gone into business together purchasing a new farm. Located in a deep valley nestled between two mountain ranges not far from Finca Villaure, in Hoja Blanca. This was the cousins’ first year producing and exporting coffee on their own, which fondly lends itself to the coffee’s name Primos Unidos, or cousins united.

Primos Unidos is a washed coffee bursting with brown sugar, milk chocolate, dried berries, and spice. We are extremely excited to be offering a new coffee from the Villatoros highlighting the skills and expertise they possess in farming and processing.