Guatemala Finca Villaure

Guatemala Finca Villaure

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Sisters Coffee’s relationship with farmer Aurelio Villatoro is a cornerstone of our of our green sourcing program. Each year we are thrilled to receive his premier, award-winning coffees.

Honey, Milk Chocolate, Almond.

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For over a dozen years, our dear friend Aurelio and his family have provided us with this outstanding coffee. Aurelio’s farm is located in the volcanic mountains of northern Guatemala near the town of Hoja Blanca, Huehuetenango. Each year we source the micro-lot La Basa, which is grown in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable along the border of Guatemala and Mexico at over 1500 MASL. The lot La Basa consists of three different varietals, two of which are blended into this offering, bourbon and caturra. The inherent sweet notes and deep complexity place it among our favorite to drink and Sisters Coffee’s best selling coffees. We are constantly honored and proud to share the partnership this coffee represents.