Exclusive Ethiopia Flight!

Exclusive Ethiopia Flight!


Try our 3 excellent Ethiopia offerings side by side. This is an online only, limited exclusive. Don’t wait, these coffees are selling out fast!

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650 smallholder producers living in the Gedeo Zone of Ethiopia’s Nationalities, and Peoples' Region grow the coffee cherries that make up this lot. The indigenous coffee variety flourishes at high elevation with a unique terroir ideal for growing coffee. After harvesting they take their cherries to the Kochere Mill owned by Matewos Ersemo. Once purchased from the farmers the mill sorts and depulps the cherries before a two day fermentation. The beans are then placed on raised drying beds and turned every few hours to start the drying process. Twelve to fifteen days later when they are at an ideal moisture level the drying process is completed.

Our light roast is designed to highlight the unique attributes in this coffee the ideal growing conditions and careful process have instilled in it. We taste notes of honey, magnolia, peach, honeydew, lemon, and lavender. 


Wodiga Bense has been farming coffee for 39 years on his small 5 hectare plot outside Idido, Ethiopia. At over six thousand feet above sea level his coffee cherries mature slowly at elevation developing a deep enzymatic sweetness and complexity. Once harvested Wogida meticulously dries the coffee cherries on raised beds in his yard before delivering the dried cherries the Abebe Muligeta mill for dry milling and export. Our importing partners Keffa are providing us with coffee. Sam, founder of Keffa Coffee, had a chance to meet Wodiga and a group of farmers this past year in Ethiopia and after tasting their amazing coffees decided to import their coffees to the States for the very first time. This offering from Wogida Bensa is a beautiful cup, balanced and clean, bursting with notes of strawberry, cherry, milk chocolate, red apple, raisin, tropical fruits, and cream.


The Ardi is sourced from small farmholders surrounding the Adola washing station outside of Kirbe Mengist. Farmers usually have small plots of coffee, sometimes not even a single hectare, as a cash crop to supplement their income. Sometimes the coffee is cultivated and sometimes it grows wildly on a farmer's property. The Ardi is comprised of heirloom varietals indigenous to Ethiopia growing at 1800 meters above sea level (MASL). The Ardi is a naturally processed coffee, a unique harvesting method that especially draws out out the fruitiness inherent to this coffee and also conserves water, a precious resource. Once harvested the coffee is dried on raised beds and turned to ensure it dries evenly. Overripe and under ripe cherries are sorted out as the coffee is on the beds. Our roast highlights vibrant fruity flavors & sweet floral notes. Ardi was the very first coffee offered in the Sisters Coffee single origin roaster series and quickly became a favorite among customers and employees alike. We are pleased to offer it again for the fifth year in a row.