Ethiopia Wogida Bensa Natural

Ethiopia Wogida Bensa Natural


Location: Idido, Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia

Producer: Wodiga Bensa

Varieties: Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties

Elevation: 2042 MASL

Processing: Natural

Harvest schedule: October - January

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Wodiga Bense has been farming coffee for 39 years on his small 5 hectare plot outside Idido, Ethiopia. At over six thousand feet above sea level his coffee cherries mature slowly at elevation developing a deep enzymatic sweetness and complexity. Once harvested Wogida meticulously dries the coffee cherries on raised beds in his yard before delivering the dried cherries the Abebe Muligeta mill for dry milling and export.

Our importing partners Keffa are providing us with coffee. Sam, founder of Keffa Coffee, had a chance to meet Wodiga and a group of farmers this past year in Ethiopia and after tasting their amazing coffees decided to import their coffees to the States for the very first time.

This offering from Wogida Bensa is a beautiful cup, balanced and clean, bursting with notes of strawberry, cherry, milk chocolate, red apple, raisin, tropical fruits, and cream.