Ethiopia Ardi Washed Process

Ethiopia Ardi Washed Process


Location: Uraga, Guji, Ethiopia

Producer: Israel Degfa

Varieties: Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties

Elevation: 2101 MASL

Processing: Fully washed and dried on raised beds

Harvest schedule: December - February

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Coffee cherries are purchased from smallholder farmers surrounding the mill in Uraga, Northwest of Kibre Mengist. After purchased from the farmers the cherries are floated to remove under ripe or overripe cherries. Once the unwanted cherries are removed the remaining cherries are run through a depulper removing the fruit from the beans. With the fruit removed the coffee is fermented for thirty six hours loosening the mucilage before washing where running water and agitation are used to remove the mucilage or honey pectin layer from around the bean. Drying on raised beds is the last step before heading to the dry mill.

The washed processing accentuates different potential flavors in the coffee resulting in a cleaner and more acidic cup of coffee. Our roast highlights the high acidity which is coupled with tremendous notes of peach, tropical fruit, jasmine, citrus, and green tea.