Ethiopia Ardi Natural Process

Ethiopia Ardi Natural Process


Location: Kirbe Mengist, Sidama, Ethiopia

Producer: Adola Mill

Varieties: Ethiopia Heirloom Varieties

Elevation: 1750 - 1950 MASL

Processing: Naturally processed and dried on raised African beds
Harvest schedule: September - January

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The Ardi natural is sourced from small farmholders surrounding the Adola washing station outside of Kirbe Mengist. Farmers in the area typically have small plots of coffee, sometimes not even a single hectare, as a cash crop to supplement their income. Some farmers cultivate coffee on their land although often it grows wildly on a farmers property. The heirloom coffee varietals the comprise the Ardi are indigenous to Ethiopia growing at 1800 meters above sea level (MASL).

The natural processing of this coffee draws out its inherent fruitiness and also conserves water, a precious resource. Once harvested the coffee is dried on raised beds and turned to ensure it dries evenly. Overripe and under ripe cherries are sorted out as the coffee is on the beds.

Our roast highlights vibrant fruity flavors & sweet floral notes. Ardi was the very first coffee offered in the Sisters Coffee Roaster Series and quickly became a favorite among customers and employees. We are pleased to offer it again for the fifth year in a row.