Colombia Inga Aponte Honey

Colombia Inga Aponte Honey


Inga Apont’s honey processed caturra is the expression of a resurgent community in the mountains of Narino, Colombia.

Raspberry, Plum, Caramel.

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Hailing from the Narino region of Colombia, close to the Galeras volcano, the Inga Aponte honey processed Caturra is produced by the Aponte community. In the south western corner of Colombia, Narino, is known for its high growing elevations. The Aponte community produces this coffee at 2150 meters above sea level. This high elevation isolated the community in their mountainous home until the nineteenth century. Because of their isolation the community is mostly pre hispanic descendants from the Incas called Ingas. The coffee they produce is beautifully complex and sweet. Our medium roast brings out notes of raspberry, plum, caramel, and chocolate. These notes paired with a creamy body and a vibrant acidity makes this coffee a stand out.