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caffeinating wilderness goers since 1989


Founded in 1989 in a small wood cabin, Winfield and Joy started roasting in 5lb batches and were the first roasters to the Central Oregon area. The business quickly grew and they bought a larger roaster within 6 months. For the first 20 years, our business was predominantly wholesale, since the retail space in the cabin was only 250 square feet. Today, we are roasting 235,000 pounds a year, and have a 6,000 square foot flagship cafe and roastery in Sisters, along with a cafe in the Pearl District in Portland. The business is run by Winfield and Joy’s kids: Justin, Jared, and Jesse.

Our mission is to create an authentic coffee experience built on a deep love for our craft and heartfelt kindness for the people we serve.


Our coffees

 Winfield Durham started Sisters Coffee in 1989 and from the outset he sourced fantastic coffees from all over the world. Before direct trade was an industry standard he had started a relationship with Aurelio Villatoro in Guatemala, offering his coffee as a single origin. We continue to honor Winfield’s legacy, producing time proven consistent blends while ever seeking to expand our single origin offerings. We endeavor toward meaningful relationships that stand the test of time. By offering coffees of the highest quality from around the world we strive to make a positive impact throughout our entire supply chain from rural coffee farming communities to our own community in Sisters, Oregon.


 join The team

Sisters Coffee is a family-owned and operated roastery that focuses on sourcing and crafting high quality coffees. We have two cafes, in Sisters and in Portland, along with a wholesale program that services all sorts of great folks in those two areas. We are in constant pursuit of self-improvement and are always enthusiastic to meet individuals who want to join our cause. We get excited about folks who have a servant-leader sense of character, a passion for coffee, are innately caring & helpful, and strive for excellence in everything they set their hand to.