El Mirador Colombia Microlot Exclusive 8 oz


El Mirador Colombia Microlot Exclusive 8 oz


Farmer: Elkin Guzman

Variety: Catiopé

Process: Natural Hydra-Honey

Tasting Notes: Stone Fruit, Floral, Melon

El Mirador is an experimental farm sponsored by Banexport. The purpose of having an experimental farm is so that Elkin, the farmer, can try different fermentation methods, drying methods, play with water activity, etc. And he shares his findings with other producers with whom Banexport also works. In turn, Banexport helps fund a percentage of the funding for equipment and technology that Elkin needs in order to do these experiments.

The farm location is impressive. Sitting on the side of a steeply sloped mountain, the position of the farm lends itself to spectacular views of the Pitalito valley, which lays below.

Elkin is not only innovating through harvesting methods, he is also cultivating unique varieties outside the classic Colombian cultivars. This coffee is the catiopé variety, a cross-breed of Colombian caturra and an Ethiopian heirloom variety. The coffee is meticulously harvested and sorted, and the cherries are set out to dry in the natural style. After 22-36 hours of drying, the coffee is removed from the drying bed and rehydrated in a tank of water for 16-18 hours (hydra). After rehydration the coffee is processed, removing the fruit. The mucilage is left intact and then the coffee is set out to dry. This processing method is called honey or semi washed which results in a cup profile somewhere between a natural and a fully washed coffee.

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